Listen to affirmations

  • - Take a long breath
  • - Count down from 10 to 1
  • - and relax your mind
  • - Let go the stress, the thoughts holding you, feel the free from all your thoughts

Select an affirmation to play. MoMe will rpeat playing text to speech as audio of your selection to number of times you already have set up .

Download Affirmations

Download positive affirmations and motivations or add your own and set times to repeat and simply play it while you are taking shower or going to sleep or driving or working or on the trail. Just motivate yourself in to at least one level up!
* You need internet connection to Download.

Create and Edit Affirmations

Create your own Affirmations to program your mind to reach your goal. You can Add new motivation or Affirmations , edit existing ones, and click to play and listen it as many times as you want.

Choose your words carefully, your choice of word could make positive or negative impact. Try to use most standard words available online. For more about choosing words visit

Use it before that interview you are going to.
Use it to complete your work today
Use it to pray for your Mother to get well
Use it to study well
Use it to improve your self confidence or skills
Use it before a game or study or exam
Use it to motivate your kids

Check with us for an advanced version of this app with great features that completely travels with you all your life and mentoring you in to great successful, prosperous life!

What ever your goal is, repetition of your thoughts is what you are and your success is.
Be Blessed by Divine!

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