Tear Down - Top Down - Unboxing - Brain pattern mapping technique

Brain learns every thing by perspective and mapping to each other. It can be trained much better than what we have today. Let us believe in it and try the rapid learning system


Emphasis on self Innovation

As a software innovator, apart from working for some one else, you can build your own empire, come and learn how.


Work with Real Products

Work with real commercial products (NDA need to be signed) or open source projects of (no Halo world! projects)

Start learning from Moorthi PV

Moorthi PV, is a Silicon Valley aspiring entrepreneur, innovator, technology evangelist, looking to fire up lots of Brains that help to make great things for Humanity! He has 20+ years of experience in Software Development with hands on experience in diverse domains and technologies including Mobile, IOT, Cloud and Legacy systems. He is the founder of Indo-mars technologies that developed many products and many more in the line. He graduated BS in Computer Science and also certified in MS, Java, Machine learning(Stanford) technologies. He is a futurist who believes Brain is the only resource the Human has for now.

Front End / User Interface Developer (DI-UI)
Angular JS (1.x)
Angular Material Design / Bootstrap
Debug, Unit Test, Build, Packaging
Angular JS (2.x Beta Review)
3hrs/per day
x 2 Days a week
x 4 Weekends
$ 500 /-
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Full Stack (DI-FI)
DevInnovator User Interface
Unit Test, Build, Packaging, Deployment
Intro NodeJs Frameworks:Loopback (IBM),DeployD
DeployD Framework
Docker (Microservices)
Applied Machine Learning
8 weekends / 3hrs per day
$ 800 /-
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Coding Support and Guidance to complete your App
Form a Startup
Hosting, Patent, Funding options
Goto Market
20hrs total.
4 Weekends
$ 500 /-
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